YPAC is the home and school for handicapped youngsters in Jimbaran. In the past we helped them with woodcarving machines for their handicraft workshop and sewing machines, to make young handicapped more independent. Nowadays we help them with scholarships for children’s study. We already helped young people with an IT education, which resulted in good jobs in hotels. Please see

Together with the WINS foundation we started up a learning centre in Seraya for approx. 50 children. Seraya is a remote place along the eastern coast of Bali. We try to get school sponsors for the children, and after school they all come to the learning centre to get additional lessons in computer, English, Balinese dance etc. We depend on volunteers for the additional lessons. If you are interested please check the website


TK in Bugbug (kindergarten)
Bugbug is a village in Karangasem where 61 children were sitting behind wooden fences under a covered community place. Kindergartens are not subsidised in Indonesia. 5 Year old children who are lucky enough to go to the kindergarten will have less problems when starting the elementary school. Because the local government and the staff of the school were very keen to improve the circumstances for these children, we decided to help them with funding money for a new school with much more facilities for teachers and children. For this building we could use a piece of land owned by the local government. We raised the needed amount of approx. 40.000 euro within 6 months, thanks to the help of a professional fundraiser. The construction of the school started in August 2007 and was finished in December 2007. In January the Board of Bali Bundar was in Bali to join the opening ceremony. A small governmental building next door is now being used as a children library, which we supplied with a lot of books in the year 2010. We also pay the salaries of the teachers who work two afternoons a week in the library.
Yasa Kerthi
Yasa Kerthi is an orphanage in Amlapura, East Bali, where 20-25 children are staying. The children in this orphanage do get food, but insufficient and not nutritious enough. This is a problem in most of the orphanages. For 100 euro a month, provided by a steady sponsor, we now cook a good nutritious meal twice a week for these children. This includes also a small salary for the cooks, Mudanis and Nyoman. The cooking project is a great success. The children are much healthier, they grow better and their school results improve.
Bali Kids
From the beginning of our foundation we embraced Bali Kids. We see Bali Kids as a warm home for unprivileged children and also a place where a lot of children can be treated medically. Bali Bundar paid the school fees for most children at Bali Kids since 2006 until 2012. For the new building we raised € 150.000, almost half of the needed funds.