Children of Bali

For children in poor families, life is often bad. Inadequate housing, poor hygiene, not going to school, so a hopeless future ahead. The situation for disabled children is often even worse, because there is no adequate education for them in the neighbourhood and no medical treatment or therapies. For these reasons, children are often brought to an orphanage. Most orphanages provide an opportunity to go to school. The government is giving orphanages a small subsidy for food, but if there is no additional income there is not enough money for proper care and education of the children. Well-run orphanages need to arrange fundraising for extra income. Unfortunately, there are orphanages whose management is not very reliable. Money for the children disappear into their own pockets, they tell sponsors there are more children than there actually are, they let the children work or beg, and children do not attend school. In the past we tried to help some of these homes but stopped, because our trust was repeatedly betrayed. Own initiatives have now been developed, such as caring for children in Seraya, in collaboration with the Foundation WINS . For young students, coming out of orphanages we founded the Bali Bundar Akademie, give them a safe place to live sometimes, but always support them with their studies. 
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